Today what we see as Bajwa phaemaceutical(Pvt.)Ltd. is a corporate phenomenon hugely different from what it was
some 5 year back when it had taken birth as a small concern.It has made a great progress since,which is attributeable
, after the grace of Allah ( s .w.t ), only to the untiring dedication, care and hard work of the people, forming the Bajwa Pharmaceutical ( Pvt. ) Ltd.Family. During all these years Bajwa Pharmaceuticals ( Pvt. ) Ltd. has remained unchanged
with Bajwa Pharmaceutical (Pvt.) Ltd.It  is the commitment of the organization to always strive of the betterment of the community and to serve it through its expertise in making what is often called one of the greatest products of human
The Medicine . We firmly belive that human  resources are greatest asset who has led us to develop a culture,where we make a constent and unremmiotting effort to enrich our people through an angoing process of training .This conductive enviorment has helped in the reaction of a very strong bond between the organization and its employees,whose selfless contribution and dedicated efforts are exemplary when seen in the context of the example available in industry. We have journeyed through the thick and the thin time without any great difficulty because of our pro HR mindset that greatly helpe us achive our vision . As we are now entering a new phase in our organizational lives we can take pride in our past which tell us that when the vision is clear and when the team is committed and competent,you can expect to reach any diffiult goal. I pray that may Allah (s.w.t.) help us consolidate and enhance the scope of our global presence and recognition and take this organization to new levels of excellence.Aameen!


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