The story of Bajwa pharmaecutical  (pvt.)Ltd.  began with the establishment of a nascent Pharmacecu-tical company based on  philosophy that
regarded quality as the heightest value. it was the spring of the year 2014, the weather being still very pleasent for an inauguration ceremony to
take place in the green area surrounding the newly established set-up. Right from the very first day, this new pharmacecutical company started
manifesting of great professional excellence.The new company began its production with injectible products-a segment that needs great sophis-
tication of equipment and expertirs. it was also the first pharmacecutical of pakistan to introduced wide range of  Anesthesia injectibles ,which
were rarely available in pakistan.Bajwa pharmacecuticals(Pvt.)Ltd also introduced a new approach to ethical marketing,an approach that focused
on development of amenities for public health and social welfare. Apart from maintaining world class standard of quality in operation ,Bajwa pharmacecuticals(Pvt.)Ltd .has continually been expanding its portfolio with timely introduction of new molecules. Bajwa  pharmacecuticals (Pvt.)
Ltd  launched a whole range of highly senstive Anesthesis products.Today we are proud to hold our market leadership position in more than half
the products wa market.With diversification of portfolio.Bajwa pharmacecuticals(Pvt.)Ltd production capacity aslo expanded.The company first
expansion took place as early as 2017.Bajwa pharmacecuticals(Pvt.)Ltd contin-ued to enhance and expand its facilities adn now it stretches over
a covered area of around 43,000 square feet.With all these milestones and achivements , Bajwa pharmacecuticals(Pvt.)Ltd  is ready to launch forth
on a journey of excellence that has just begun.


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